Brydges Center Fundraiser

2020 Fundraiser

MAY Challenge 

We're partnering with the BC to push them over the edge on their $80,000 May Fundraising goal. There's only $15,000 left and we're asking you to join us! Use the Rockpoint giving page and designate your gift towards The Brydges Centre. Any amount will help!

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The Brydges Centre (BC), located near Nairobi, Kenya, is a children’s home that cares for the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of orphaned, abandoned and abused children in Kenya. Our objective is to help these kids become productive Kenyan citizens with a strong Christian faith to guide them through life – and God is helping to make that happen!

The Brydges Centre is called a children’s home and not an orphanage because the children at the BC are not orphans. It was recently selected as the #1 orphanage in the county where it’s located. From the moment kids enter the gates, they are members of the Brydges Centre family. The Centre is home for 132 children, about 75 live in the dormitory. Older students are in boarding school, university, or life skills training.

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How rockpoint is involved?

The BC is one of our main missions partners outside the US. The kid's home was named after one of Rockpoint's former executive pastors who remains heavily involved.

We typically send a small team to the BC yearly in Jan/Feb.

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