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We offer classes on a variety of topics. They are designed to positively affect your daily life and walk with God. You can drop-in on any given Sunday, or let us know you're coming!

Classes Starting this Fall 


Sundays | 9:15am

Taught by Jan Wilke

The long-awaited Messiah first promised in Genesis surprised everyone. He was not the kind of Savior people were looking for then … or now. Gentle and compassionate to the marginalized yet bold in confronting religious institutions, Jesus came to make rebels His children. Forging the only path to forgiveness and salvation, Jesus deserved a crown of glory but willingly wore a crown of thorns. His death looked like defeat, but brought eternal victory. Embracing the words of Jesus will change your life. We will answer these and other questions: Who is Jesus? What do His words have to do with your life? How can Jesus possibly bring peace and satisfaction to your life and broken world today? Explore God’s answers to these questions and more.

The class meets in Rooms 1 & 2 on the Lower Level at 9:15am. No registration is required! 

Christian Beliefs, Biblical Theology in Real Life

Sundays | 9:15am

Taught by Pastor Kevin & Scott Yorkovich

Theology. Sounds like a scary word, when actually it simply means “the study of God.” What you believe about God and what He says to mankind in the Bible is really important. Correct thinking about God is essential to following Jesus daily. Thinking Biblically about important life issues enables a person to experience God’s purpose and peace in their life.

We will cover all the most important Christian beliefs in this class. We will dig deep into God’s Word to know His heart and mind on important issues of life. Some truths will be foundational. Others will show you how God’s truth, when understood correctly and trusted with an open heart, brings satisfaction, joy and intimacy with our loving Father, His glorious Son, Jesus Christ and the personal encouragement of the Holy Spirit.

Come join us in this journey. Your life will never be the same…Guaranteed!

The class meets in Room 3 on the Lower Level at 9:15am. No registration is required! 

Discipleship Training

sundays | 10:45am

Taught by Pastor Kevin & ray taucher

Jesus’ primary command to believers and His church is found in Matthew 28, when He said, ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…’ Rockpoint’s mission is ‘multiplying disciples in a healthy church.’ What does that even mean? What is a multiplying disciple? What is a disciple? What is the relationship between multiplying disciples and Rockpoint being a healthy church?

This class will answer these and other questions that we all have. You will learn what it means to be discipled by someone and how to disciple someone else. We will be using the Destined Series Bible studies, created by Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ).

The class meets in Room 3 on the Lower Level at 10:45am. No registration is required! 

Young Couples Life Group Class

sundays | 10:45am

Are you a parent of younger children? Do you want encouragement in this thing called being a parent to younger children? Do you want to be in a Life Group, but can’t even imagine when and how that might happen in your current stage of life? This ‘class’, which is actually going to be more like a Life Group of community, discipleship and serving each other is for you.

As a family, start the morning by worshiping together during the 9:15 hour in the lower gathering area and Warehouse, then have your children attend children’s classes at 10:45. Guess what? Free childcare with a spiritual emphasis! A full hour to meet with friends and peers, without children for adult conversation, spiritual encouragement and knowing and being known by peers. This is a win for everyone.

The class meets in Room 1-2 on the Lower Level at 10:45am. No registration is required! 

Business Leaders Discussion

Once a month (usually on Wednesdays), leaders from all areas of business, come together for discussion. The discussions are hosted by Ken Larson, the founder of Slumberland.

We're currently working our way through the theme Finishing Well - Finishing Strong. Be sure to get on the email list so you don't miss out on the discussion questions which are emailed prior to the date each month.

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