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ABC Sunday Classes


We offer classes on a variety of topics. They are designed to positively affect your daily life and walk with God. You can drop-in on any given Sunday or let us know you're coming!

Most fall classes will begin on September 8th. Fall class descriptions and registrations will be available soon.  Read through the class descriptions below from this past winter/spring. 

Classes Offered - Winter/Spring 2024 


Sundays Starting in march | 9am | meeting room #1 

Taught by: Brad & paige kompelien

Become an expert in developing friendships, discovering stories, discerning next steps, and more with our OneLife Training! OneLife is one way we share our faith with others and live a life of effective, spiritual influence. 


sundays | 9am | MEETING ROOM #2

Taught by: Jan Wilke

Have you wanted to learn how to study the Bible for yourself? This class is your chance to do just that. Observing, interpreting, and applying God’s Word to your life is essential to grow in your relationship with Jesus. Jesus’ life and teaching come alive in the Gospel of John, which is the book we will walk through together. Each week you will be given a passage in John to study and then we will talk through the passage together in class. Come join us in this journey together. Jesus is waiting to meet with you.


sundays | 9am | ROOM #3

Taught by: KEVIN block | SCOTT Yorkovich

Theology. Sounds like a scary word, when actually it simply means “the study of God.” What you believe about God and what He says to mankind in the Bible is really important. Correct thinking about God is essential to following Jesus daily. Thinking Biblically about important life issues enables a person to experience God’s purpose and peace in their life. We will cover all the important Christian beliefs in this class. We will dig deep into God’s Word to know His heart and mind on important issues of life. Some truths will be foundational. Others will show you how God’s truth, when understood correctly and trusted with an open heart, brings satisfaction, joy and intimacy with our loving Father, His Son Jesus and the person of the Holy Spirit. Come join us in this journey. Your life will never be the same… Guaranteed.


sundays | 10:30am | meeting room #2

Taught by: PAT KINNEY | JIM MANDEl | Cliff Bujold

Financial Peace University is a Bible-based eight-week class that teaches you the step-by-step plan to win with money and gives you all the tools you need to work it.

Please note the class starts February 4th. 


sundays | 10:30am | meeting room #3

Taught by: Kevin Block | ANNETTE BAKKE

Have you avoided reading the book of Revelation? Maybe it seemed too scary, or it just didn't make sense. Gaining insight and understanding with the Holy Spirit's leading will take away that fear and apprehension. Together, we will discover that God clearly has a plan for His people, and His earth, and He is in complete control. We believe He will keep all His promises and literally fulfill each prophecy that hasn't yet been fulfilled. Join us as we read the last book of the Bible and find comfort in knowing the end of the story! It is our blessed hope.


sundays | 10:30am | conference room (main office)


Supporting people of all abilities to understand and apply the day’s message as they share life together. Everyone wants to feel included, and that includes being part of the church. Rockpoint’s Accessibility for All Ministry supports those with special needs who may need a little extra support to find hope, dignity, purpose and belonging in the body of Christ through healthy loving relationships. From having a buddy in Sunday School to serving to doing life together in a life group, our mission is accessibility to the gospel for people of all abilities, and experiencing belonging in our church family. “Now you are the body of Christ and each of you is a part of it.” 1 Corinthians 12:

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