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We offer classes on a variety of topics. They are designed to positively affect your daily life and walk with God. You can drop-in on any given Sunday, or let us know you're coming!

Most Winter Classes will begin January 15! Read through the class descriptions below! If there is one you are interested in, sign up and register today!

Classes Starting - Jan 2023 

Minor Prophets  |  O.T. History Part 1 : The Divided Kingdom (cont'd)

Sundays | 9am

Taught by: Jan Wilke  |  Jeanne Taylor  |  Linda Nash

How God faithfully deals with His people when they are in rebellion against Him. What happens to Israel after the glorious days of Kings David and Solomon?  Read with us from 15 OT books about the declines of the two divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The people and their kings grow only more & more distant from their Covenant God; receive His prophetic warnings of judgment; and finally are sent into exile. Yet through all God preserves His faithful remnant to soon carry out His divine promises of a Messiah.

The class meets in Room 2 on the Lower Level at 9am. 

Living the Spirit-Filled Life

sundays | 9am

Taught by: Kevin Block  |  ray taucher

The “abundant life” that Jesus promised His followers in John 10:10 is a real offer-something you can experience. But why do most of us not experience this life that Jesus promised? The simple answer is because the Christian life isn’t just hard, it is impossible-on our own. That is why Jesus has given every true believer the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit permanently lives in every believer to enable us to know, grow, and follow Jesus. Yet the Holy Spirit has been referred to as the “Forgotten God”, in that He is often neglected and ignored. Come join us as we learn from the Bible and discuss how to experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.


The class meets in Room 3 on the Lower Level at 9am. 

Accessibility For All

sundays | 10:30am

Taught by: Jessie Szopinski  |  Kurt Schneider

Supporting people of all abilities to understand and apply the day’s message as they share life together.

Everyone wants to feel included, and that includes being part of the church. Rockpoint’s Accessibility for All Ministry supports those with special needs who may need a little extra support to find hope, dignity, purpose and belonging in the body of Christ through healthy loving relationships. From having a buddy in Sunday School to serving to doing life together in a life group, our mission is accessibility to the gospel for people of all abilities, and experiencing belonging in our church family.

 “Now you are the body of Christ and each of you is a part of it.”  1 Corinthians 12:27

The class meets in Room 2 on the Lower Level at 10:30am. 

Hot Topics

sundays | 10:30am

Taught by: Kevin Block  | Vaughn francis

What does the Bible say about hot topics? How did Jesus navigate cultural minefields in His day? What if an issue isn’t addressed in the Bible? Did Jesus ever open Pandora’s Box of difficult life issues and if so, how did He do it? Come join us as we find out. 

Want to learn how to follow Jesus better AND make Him known when many issues are polarized? Join us as we discuss standing for Biblical truth AND speaking with compassion and grace—both to “Christians-to-be” and Christians who differ from us. We will learn how to address cultural issues and be faithful to Jesus Christ. In doing so you’ll be the “salt and light” that Jesus called us to be.

We will tackle a new hot topic each week for sixteen weeks. Some of the topics we will cover are abortion, hypocrisy, marriage, purity, gender, manhood, womanhood, culture, politics, race, immigration, free speech, and social media. We will see what Jesus thinks about that topic and how He would want us to think, speak, and live concerning it.

The class meets in Room 3 on the Lower Level at 10:30am. 


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