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We offer classes on a variety of topics. They are designed to positively affect your daily life and walk with God. You can drop-in on any given Sunday, or let us know you're coming!

Fall Classes will begin September 11! Subscribe to our email updates below and keep an eye out in the coming weeks for registration links.

Classes Starting this Fall 

Strengthening Your Marriage

Sundays | 9:15am

Taught by: Scott & Julie Yorkovich  |  Bob & Shannon Maximer

The true strength of your marriage is determined by what is at the center of the marriage. Our natural temptation is to center our marriage on personal happiness, positive impressions, successful children, financial security, and other worldly pursuits. We say that we want God-centered marriages, but what does that really look like and how do we achieve it? In this class we will learn how to increase our dependence on God in our marriage, identify attitudes and behaviors that derail a God-centered marriage, and establish new habits and patterns of a healthy, God-centered marriage. This class is open to anyone in a marriage (first time or remarried), or those planning to get married, and at any age.

The class meets in Rooms 1 on the Lower Level at 9:15am. 

Minor Prophets  |  O.T. History Part 1

Sundays | 9:15am

Taught by: Jan Wilke  |  Jeanne Taylor  |  Linda Nash

The class meets in Room 2 on the Lower Level at 9:15am. 

Sharing The Gospel In A Post-Christian Culture

sundays | 9:15am

Taught by: Kevin Block  |  Brian Farone  |  Ryan Pott

The class meets in Room 3 on the Lower Level at 9:15am. 

Training For 1-1 Discipleship

sundays | 10:45am

Taught by: Ray & Karen Taucher  |  Ray Barrett

The class meets in Room 1 on the Lower Level at 10:45am. 

Accessibility For All

sundays | 10:45am

Taught by: Alex Bartolic  |  Kurt Schnider

The class meets in Room 2 on the Lower Level at 10:45am. 

Praying Like Jesus

sundays | 10:45am

Taught by: Kevin Block  |  todd hansen

This class equips and empowers believers to pray like Jesus in unhindered Intimacy and effective intercession.

"What's the point in praying -- it doesn't work," said Jesus never. The truth is Jesus loved to pray. He loved being with His Father in intimacy and interceding for Himself and those around Him. Jesus’ example and teaching on prayer is the pattern He invites us all into. Praying is much deeper and richer than we can imagine. Wherever you see yourself in your prayer life: newcomer, novice, or expert - join us as we go further up and into our Father’s love and the Holy Spirit’s power, for Jesus’ glory in our practice of prayer. 

The class meets in Room 3 on the Lower Level at 10:45am. 

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