Reminder – the 8am service will pause for the summer starting this Sunday, May 26. Attend our 9am + 10:30am services in the worship center + the warehouse.

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World Missions – June 30
9am + 10:30am – Worship Center + The Warehouse


Everything we do outside of our walls is to share the whole gospel with the whole world - to put Jesus on display. We support and partner with many missionaries serving all over the world. We also lead many short-term missions trips, and everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join one.

What can you do?

We can all make a difference right where are. What is God calling you to?

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    Featured Partners

    Brydges Centre

    A children’s home in Kenya named after Bob & Nancy Brydges, long-time Rockpoint members.

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    East Immanuel

    East Immanuel is a church in St. Paul and is committed to serving Jesus Christ as an Army of Disciples.

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    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    FCA’s desire is to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

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    The Dwelling Place

    This is a Christ-centered ministry that provides safety and programs for women and children fleeing domestic violence.

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    Vineworks partners with artisans around the world to give them access to the U.S. marketplace and pay them a fair trade wage. They are committed not only to providing jobs at fair wages, but to giving back 50% of the profit to the country where the product was produced.

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    Vince Miller

    Vince Miller is a speaker, author, and founder of Resolute and has devoted his life and work to building men who live all-in for Jesus Christ. There is a lot of pressure on men these days and Vince aims to meet men right where they are. Browse his resources to grow you as a man.

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    Camp Shamineau

    We love Camp Shamineau! Rockpoint partners with this camp to send elementary kids to relevant camp experiences that helps students grow in Christ. Send your kids THIS SUMMER!

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    Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work 
    Timothy Keller
    This work presents a biblical theology of work, focusing on a biblical perspective of stewardship and flourishing. It answers key questions related to our desire to work, the difficulties and frustrations of work, and finding satisfaction in our work. The authors also discuss the dignity of partnering with God in creating culture and serving people through every good work, encouraging the reader with the impact of Christian theism on the created order and the lasting value of human work. The book includes an epilogue which demonstrates how a theology of work has impacted the ministry of Redeemer Church.

    Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work
    Tom Nelson |
    Nelson guides the reader in rethinking work through a biblical worldview, focusing on the Scripture’s treatment of work and examining how God shapes people’s lives in and through the workplace. In this book, readers learn not only from the lives of biblical characters, but 21st century Christians working in a variety of contexts—from higher education and business, to medicine and the home—who demonstrate the difference a biblical view of work makes in one’s life and vocation. Reflection questions and prayers are included at the end of each chapter.

    Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good
    Amy Sherman
    Sherman’s work helps pastors, ministry leaders and every believer integrate the concepts of faith and work while advancing kingdom purposes through their vocations, including a true stories of vocational stewardship in action. Focusing primarily on professional, entrepreneurial, and creative occupations, she challenges churches to deploy individuals as missional agents in their workplaces, blessing anyone within one’s sphere of influence with one’s God-given gifts.

    Business for the Common Good: A Christian Vision for the Marketplace 
    Kenman Wong and Scott Rae
    Wong and Rae present a Christian perspective on work, focusing on the concept of business as a transformational service for the common good. Incorporating a variety of real-world stories, the authors explain how Christian values can inform functional areas of business such as management, marketing and environmental sustainability. They also suggest areas where business should be affirmed as well as reformed, including practical ways to engage the corporate culture and live out biblical values in the business world.

    The Gospel at Work: How the Gospel Gives New Purpose and Meaning To Our Jobs
    Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert

    Both of these mindsets – idleness in work and idolatry of work — are deadly misunderstandings of how God intends for us to think about our jobs. In The Gospel at Work, Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert unpack the powerful way in which the gospel can transform our work and bring meaning and purpose to it. They answer some of the tough, practical questions that Christians in the workplace often ask, like: What factors should matter most in choosing a job? How should I think about how to treat my boss, my co-workers, and my employees? Is full-time Christian work more valuable than my job? Is it ok to be motivated by money? How do you prioritize – or balance – work, family and church responsibilities? Solidly grounded in the gospel, The Gospel at Work confronts both our idleness at work and our idolatry of work with a challenge of its own – to remember that who we work for is infinitely more important than what we do.

    Your Work Matters To God
    Doug Sherman and Bill Hendricks
    Out of print, but still available from used outlets
    Your Work Matters to God demonstrates just how important secular work is to God. Whether you are a man or woman, once you realize how many different ways there are to influence your coworkers for Christ without preaching a word, you’ll be challenged to develop a lifestyle so striking and true, the people you work with will be eager to let you talk about what makes you different.

    Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work
    Timothy Keller and Kathryn Alsdorf
    With deep conviction and often surprising advice, Keller shows readers that biblical wisdom is immensely relevant to our questions about work today. In fact, the Christian view of work—that we work to serve others, not ourselves—can provide the foundation of a thriving professional and balanced personal life. Keller shows how excellence, integrity, discipline, creativity, and passion in the workplace can help others and even be considered acts of worship—not just of self-interest.

    Going Public With Your Faith: Becoming a Spiritual Influence at Work
    William Peel and Walt Larimore
    How to take evangelism out of the religious box and weave it into your life at work In every part of the world, people are looking for spiritual answers and resources as never before. But you don’t need to travel to some exotic foreign mission field to find hungry hearts. You spend hours every day in the most strategic place of impact in the world—your workplace.

    Joy at Work: A CEO’s Revolutionary Approach to Fun on the Job
    Dennis Bakke
    Imagine a company where people love coming to work and are highly productive on a daily basis. Imagine a company whose top executives, in a quest to create the most "fun" workplace ever, obliterate labor-management divisions and push decision-making responsibility down to the plant floor. Could such a company compete in today's bottom-line corporate world? Could it even turn a profit? Well, imagine no more.

    Workplace Discipleship 101: A Primer
    David Gill
    Workplace Discipleship 101 contains encouragement and practical advice for Christians who are serious about living out their faith in their daily work lives. This book is packed with simple, practical suggestions organized in an intuitive format with straightforward language.

    The Person Called YOU: Why You're Here, Why You Matter & What You Should Do With Your Life
    Bill Hendricks
    For over twenty years, Bill Hendricks has been helping people of all ages and stages find meaning and direction for their work and for their lives. The key is harnessing the power of human giftedness. Every person has their own unique giftedness—including you! And the best way to discover it is not through a test or gift assessment exercise, but from your own life story.

    So How Do I Parent THIS Child?: Discovering the Wisdom and the Wonder of Who Your Child Was Meant to Be
    Bill Hendricks
    One of the most common myths in parenting books - you see it everywhere - is that parents are responsible for who their children turn out to be. Proper input yields proper output, or so the thinking goes. But that mindset works with machinery, not people. The truth is, your child has a unique set of traits - their giftedness - that only they possess. The parent’s job isn’t to crank out a product, but to point an individual human being toward a healthy, flourishing life.

    Men of Influence: The Transformational Impact of Godly Mentors
    Bill Hendricks and Howard Hendricks
    Men have a way of rubbing off on one another—for better or worse. You will be influenced and you will influence, especially when you have regular one-on-one interactions with another man. Be intentional and become the man God made you to be, while learning to change other men’s lives for the better.

    The Light That Never Dies: A Story of Hope in the Shadows of Grief
    William Hendricks
    In the prime of his life, William Hendricks lost his wife to breast cancer. Yet he could say, "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good." In a warm, gentle style, Bill shares God's goodness and how it manifests itself in a variety of ways, including deeply personal pain.

    Online Courses

    Learn How to Integrate Your Faith and Work
    The Gospel Coalition
    Every area of your life is affected by the gospel. That includes your work. For many Christians, it can be difficult to integrate faith into our daily jobs. But this divide between faith and work isn’t supposed to exist. Your Christian faith should enhance your work. And your work should be a reflection of the pivotal role you play in God’s story.

    Theology of Work
    The vision of the Theology of Work Project is that every Christian be equipped and committed for work as God intends. A Christian approach makes work more meaningful and productive, benefits society and the people we work with and for, gets us through the challenges we face on the job, draws people to Jesus, and brings glory to God.
    The Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary
    The key to any organization is leadership. And the key to any leader is the heart. That’s why our focus at The Hendricks Center is the leader’s heart. Through programs, processes, and media resources, we seek to shape leaders who are passionately committed to God and His Word while personally compelled by God’s love for each person. This is the way of Christ, who showed that it takes courage to lead, compassion to serve, and both to impart the hope of the gospel.
    Global Centre for Giftedness
    Like never before, we humans are now experiencing multiple paradigm shifts in our lives and our world. Our whole being is tasked to engage at physiological, behavioral, and digital levels. In the past, our successes were linear and repeatable, measured in phases and often with only partial solutions. But going forward, our future will demand that we live with multi-dimensional complexity, solving problems creatively and holistically.
    We guide individuals and teams to discover and use their giftedness in ways that transform work, learning, relationships, and living in communities everywhere. Our missions is to mobilize a global movement to unleash people's giftedness for human flourishing.

    The Table Podcast
    The Table is a weekly podcast on topics related to God, Christianity, and cultural engagement brought to you by the Hendricks Center at Dallas Theological Seminary. The show features a variety of guests and is hosted by Dr. Darrell Bock, Bill Hendricks, Mikel Del Rosario and Kymberli Cook.

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