Kids & Nursery Volunteers

Below are the open positions for Kids & Nursery with descriptions of the role. If one of them is you, click the volunteer button. We'll reach out to you soon!

Kids welcome team

Warm smiles, friendly greetings, and basic answers to new families questions make people feel welcomed and at ease as they drop off their children in our ministries.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that’s why this role is critical.



Create a peaceful atmosphere and care for these little humans' physical needs to give them a great first impression of their Heavenly Father. 


Blast Teaching Team

If you enjoy watching a child’s eyes light up when they learn something new from the Bible, then this is for you! 

Large group leaders are responsible for teaching the large group lessons to our first through third graders on Sunday mornings. Our curriculum provides creative and interactive lessons that keep kids engaged while they are learning truth straight from the Bible.


Blast Small Group Leader

Our mornings look like this: Chat with your “few” before class, guide them during large-group activities, and then connect again in small-groups at the end of the morning.

Prep time is light and at your convenience as all of our lessons are available online. You get to partner with parents on their child’s discipleship journey...what can be more of a BLAST than that?

Be the grown-up you wish you'd had growing up.


club 45 leader

Preteens...they’re not quite kids, yet they’re not quite teenagers. It is a time of transitions and figuring out how they fit in.

That’s where you come these age group navigate these changes as you get to know them, pray for them, and teach them how to search the Bible for the answers to life’s questions.


Awana Leader

Build relationships with a group of 5-7 kids as you interact with them on a weekly basis through large group teaching, small group discussion, and game-times in the Gym.

This isn’t a crowd control team, YOU GET TO WALK ALONG-SIDE A YOUNG PERSON on their personal discipleship journey with Jesus.

That’s worth saying “YES!” to.


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