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Rockpoint Kids is still postponed.

We're building a strong foundation for kids and families to follow Jesus together. 

Kids are on a journey with God, and our passion is to help them grow closer to him as they discover His love and truth in relevant, age-appropriate ways.

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Preschoolers are forming core beliefs and attitudes that can shape their faith for years to come. We introduce preschoolers to Jesus and what His love means to them.

We seek to engage your child’s interest through high-energy large-group time and small-group interactions to promote a personal interest in God!


We take the safety of your child very seriously! Every adult in our classrooms has been interviewed, carefully trained, and has a current background check on file. In addition, we have trained security officers on hand at each service. The printed claim code you receive at check-in is unique to your family and provides extra security at pickup.

Online programming

Kids & parents, we want you to worship together as a family, so we're sharing a kid's sermon notes page, to keep them engaged with the message.

Kids Sermon Notes

BLAST Grades Through 5: This Week's Lesson 

This week's downloads

Dig-In take-home page  here.

Preschool: This Week's Lesson 

This week's downloads

Family Lesson  here.
Dig-In take-home pages  here.
Coloring Page  here.

Two's: This Week's Lesson 

This week's downloads

Two's At-Home Family Activity  here.
Two's Bible Coloring page  here.

Vacation Bible School

NOW July 27-31, 2020 

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