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We’re committed to Jesus Christ and creating an atmosphere of authenticity and transparency that empowers us to flourish in our faith to build healthy relationships, marriages, and families in every season of our lives. 

Women do not have to walk alone in life or faith. There are many ways for you to connect and grow in faith with Rockpoint women, so let's walk this road together!

Coming Up 

Christmas tea & Program
saturday, dec 2 | 3-8PM

Details TBA. Registration opens in October.

Spring set apart retreat
mar 8-9 | roseville

Our Spring Retreat includes the Set Apart Conference at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Group rate tickets will be available soon. Mark your calendar and watch for more information.


developing a "one life" perspective
monday, oct 23 | 6:30PM

Women of all ages are invited to come for a great night together with a focus on building relationships of trust, learning stories, and walking with Jesus and others, one life at a time. 


winter warm-up
saturday, jan 20 | 9:30am - 2pm

Details TBA.

happiness and hospitality
saturday, apr 27 | 9:30am - noon

Details TBA.

"love summer" games
friday, jun 14 | 6:30pm

Details TBA.

he calls you beautiful
by dee brestin
led by monica groves
Tuesdays  |  Sep 12 - Nov 28  |  7am (meets at gorman's restaurant)

Did you know that God loves you with a passion—and He wrote a love song to help you experience that love in a personal way?

Tucked away in the pages of Scripture is one of the most fascinating and most misunderstood books of the Bible: the Song of Songs. Although the Song of Songs details a passionate, earthly love story, it is intended to illuminate the best love story, the intense love God has for us, His beloved.

In He Calls You Beautiful, Bible teacher Dee Brestin explores this love song from God to reveal transformative truths for each of us, whether married, single, or widowed. With rich contemporary illustrations and insight from biblical scholars, Dee shows how God uses poetry and exquisite images to illuminate the intimacy that Jesus longs to have with you.

God calls you to know His love not only in your head but also in your heart. He sings over you a song of love, a song of salvation, a song of hope. A Song of songs.


by Jen Wilkin
Tuesdays  |  Sep 26 - Nov 28  |  9:30am

How can we hold onto assurance of our faith? How can we discern the truth from a lie? How can we know God loves us?

In three short letters, the apostle John reminds an early church facing division, deception, and doubt to hold fast to what they know and to live like they believe it. And he reminds us, as well. In this 10-session Bible study on the letters of 1, 2, and 3, John, Jen Wilkin helps you see how two thousand years later, his words call to Christians in similar challenges to recall a great salvation and to abide in the truth.


Daniel (Part 1)
by kay Arthur
led by Julie yorkovich
Tuesdays  |  Sep 26 - Nov 28 (Does not meet Oct 31)  |  9:30am (in-person) or 6:45pm (Zoom)

Threatened with death, Daniel stuck to his guns and refused to adopt a pagan lifestyle. His worldview had God at the center and he lived it out even under extreme pressure to change. Learn to adopt a biblical worldview and adhere to it even when it's not the norm.


by kelly minter
led by leah Swanson
Tuesdays  |  Sep 26 - Nov 14 (does not meet oct 31)  |  6:30pm

Most of us like a good rags-to-riches story, especially one that includes a bit of intrigue and a moving tale of love. We can easily get lost in a narrative where, at the beginning of the story, heartache reigned, but it was soon replaced by joy. Perhaps we’re drawn to these tales because they not only provide an escape, but hope.

Many of us struggle through seasons of bitterness, tears, and loss, wondering if there could ever be a happy ending to our stories. The story of Ruth affirms that yes, there is hope. However, it's not found in a happy ending scribed by a novelist’s pen, but in the power and protection of a sovereign God who never takes His eyes off of us for even a moment.

In this 7-session study from Kelly Minter, we'll examine Ruth's journey of unbearable loss, redeeming love, and divine legacy. We'll see how God proves Himself faithful as the One who rescues, revives, and restores. First released in 2009, this study is now updated with fresh content and new teaching videos from Kelly.


led by Annette Bakke
alternating saturdays  | 9am

Are you wondering about the events going on in our world today- climate, politics, finances, cultural issues? God’s plan for His people and His earth is clearly outlined in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation because He wants us to know it.

Currently we are studying the book of Revelation. We go chapter by chapter … and take time to gain understanding and perspective with the Holy Spirit’s leading. Jesus unwraps the events of the end times to John on the barren Island of Patmos in a vivid and powerful way.

Gaining insight and understanding will take away the fear and apprehension of reading the last book in the Bible! We see how God’s plan from Genesis is unfolding before our eyes. We know that God is in control and has been since the beginning.  And we believe He will keep all His promises and literally fulfill each prophecy that hasn’t yet been fulfilled.  It’s comforting to know the end of the story. 

Blessed is [she] who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and who keep the things which are written in it; for the time is near. Revelation 1:3

This is a perpetual study that meets year-round. Following the completion of our study of the book of Revelation we will continue unwrapping prophecy as it pertains to God’s magnificent plan, in another book of the Bible- to be announced. We are currently about mid-way through Revelation. There is no better time to start than right now. We’d love to have you join us for this time of fellowship and bible study!


Bible study fellowship (BSF)
Wednesdays  |  begins sep 13 | 9:45am

If you are interested in Bible Study Fellowship, a group meets at Rockpoint.


spring Bible studies
tuesdays  |  jan 16 - apr 30

Registrations will open in December.

Destined, Foundation of Faith Study
Start Anytime 

As a Christ Follower we need a firm foundation. It’s important that we learn the foundations of our faith in a world that is in chaos. Those foundational truths can be explained through our Bible Study: Destined Series. We will discover why forgiveness is important, background and authenticity of the Bible. In another series we will build an understanding of communicating with God to determine his will and develop a passion for him. In the third study we will focus on ministry, helping others to know Jesus. In the final series we will learn how to live with an eternal perspective and learn about developing our ministry for Jesus.

This series is open to begin at any time. You determine the time and pace to go through the lesson. We will provide you an individual to go through the series and build a relationship that will help you grow.

Each series had 7 or 8 lessons and homework is minimal. However, you will be asked to memorize scripture. This will help you to develop your faith: • Faith is choosing to live as though the bible is true regardless of circumstances, emotions or cultural trends.


TUESDAY MORNINGS JUN 6 - AUG 29 | 7-8:30am

Women of all ages are invited to come whenever they are able throughout the summer. Coffee connections are times for conversation, connection, and discussion about meaningful and relevant topics from God’s Word. This casual and comfortable way to begin the day has become a summer favorite with Rockpoint women. Both locations provide outdoor and indoor gathering spaces. Please register to receive information and updates from leaders throughout the summer.

2 Locations:
Lake Elmo: Gorman’s Restaurant
Leaders: Mary Christiansen and Linda Blesener
White Bear Lake: Lund’s/Byerly’s Mezzanine
Leaders: Diana Sanny and Karren Stai


TUESDAY MORNINGS JUN 4 - AUG 27 | 7-8:30am

Locations TBD

Thursday Mornings

MOPS is an international Christian ministry that is passionate about connecting moms in the local community and church to one another. This safe and encouraging environment offers moms a time where they can be strengthened spiritually and encouraged in their role as a wife, mom, and leader.

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