First Impression Volunteers

An unnoticed person at our church is an emergency! We only get one chance to make a first impression.

Below are the open positions for First Impressions and Welcome Team, with descriptions of the roles. If one of them is you, click the volunteer button. We'll reach out to you soon!


If you’re the person who is always making sure everyone has what they need when they visit your’s time for you to be an usher!

Say “YES!” to using your gift that makes people feel right at home, and know exactly what to do next.



Create joy through high fives, big smiles and hugs, helping people feel seen and valued, and building a connected community.

Say “YES!” to using that joyful spirit of yours to make people feel like a million bucks!


Connection Center

You have all the information right at the tip of your tongue, and you can’t wait to help someone find and take their next step at Rockpoint Church.

Say “YES!” to starting amazing conversations and helping people get connected to our Church Family.


Coffee Bar

If you love coffee, then you know coffee is not just a liquid we’s a social pastime. In this role, you’ll prepare for people to spend time together.

Say “YES!” to using pouring the perfect cup of coffee and creating an experience that everyone will remember!


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