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reach – Expanding Influence, Transforming Lives

by Roy Fruits on June 04, 2018

I love invitations. We all do. Some invitations come for birthday parties, special events, sports activities and those wonderful graduation parties. Other invitations encourage us to join people in service to accomplish something. Personally, I love to be invited to participate in serving with others because it means I have something to contribute.

In Matthew 25:14 – 30, Jesus tells the Parable of the Talents (it is a great read). Jesus explains that each servant was gifted a certain amount by the owner. The first servant was given five talents, and a second servant was given two talents. In the parable, Jesus explains that each servant took the talents they had been gifted and doubled them. By the time the owner returned to collect, he had twice as much as when he left. Comparatively, Jesus introduced a third servant who had been given one talent. Unfortunately, the servant did not invest it or try to double the amount. He buried the talent in the ground. He knew the owner gifted him the talent, but was hoping the owner would never return so that the talent would be his.

The moral of the story is that God owns everything and we are to be wise stewards or managers of His resources. Unlike the last servant, we are to view all we have as God’s gift to us, but we must understand that He still owns all that He has provided. While we know that people are blessed with varying amounts of time, talents and treasures, we are all challenged by this story to make an equal sacrifice and invest these gifts for God’s Kingdom work. When we do, He brings the increase.

Over the past several weeks, we have invited you to consider three questions as you consider your participation with us in our reach campaign.

  1. How has God blessed you at Rockpoint?
  2. What has God blessed you with and placed you as a steward over?
  3. What would He have you give to the reach Kingdom Stewardship Campaign?

It is my prayer that you decide in your heart to join me and the leadership of our church as we seek to raise 3 million dollars in 3 years for 3 projects. If you have not turned in your Faith Pledge Card, let me invite and remind you again to pray about giving as much as God lays on your heart to give, and then join us by turning in your card on or before June 10.

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