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Financial Help

Wondering where your hard earned money goes? We have resources to help you get your finances on track.

The Financial Stewardship Mentoring Program

The Financial Stewardship Mentoring Program (FSMP) is designed to help Christian families struggling with financial issues or wishing to learn how to handle finances. This Ministry provides trained Christian financial Mentors that come alongside your household and help your family to take control of its finances. These are not classes that you attend, but sessions held with a pair of Technical Mentors and a pair of Spiritual Mentors at your home; working on your finances.

This is a Ministry, so there is no charge for this program. However, the program requires a significant time commitment of five to six hours a week for all primary decision-makers in the household and often demands a change in thinking and practices related to managing finances. It is intended for those who truly desire to improve their financial situation.

The program has two components, a technical component (ten weeks) focused on your finances, and a spiritual component (five weeks) focused on biblical principles of stewardship. While there is no homework for the spiritual part of the program, a renewed emphasis on daily time spent in prayer and reading of scripture may be an additional time commitment for some. The technical portion does require additional reading and work outside of the weekly meetings.

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