Geoff & Leah Swanson

Somali Adult Literacy Training

    Geoff and Leah Swanson have been serving with Africa Inland Mission since 2011. Together they share a passion for reaching the lost and a call to African peoples. In 2012-2014, Geoff and Leah served in Namibia, Africa, ministering to orphans and vulnerable children at the city dumpsite and on the streets of their city. In 2014, Geoff, Leah, and their family began working with Somali families in St. Paul in collaboration with Arrive Ministries and S.A.L.T. (Somali Adult Literacy Training). They have served in a variety of ways, including tutoring, helping to facilitate after-school programs, sports outreach, and building relationships within the Somali community. Currently, Geoff and Leah help to coordinate the East St. Paul S.A.L.T. site, inviting and equipping other volunteers to get involved by reaching out to their Somali neighbors with the love of Christ, while meeting the very practical need for literacy. While loving their neighbor, the goal of their work is to build relationships of trust strong enough to bear the weight of the Gospel.

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