Dave & Michelle Rofkar


    We came to be engaged in this ministry due to what we call a “Holy Discontentment Moment.” We were in seminary preparing to be church planters, but about half way through, David began to have a tug at his heart that we were not on our best path. Two things prompted this change - First was the information and conversations we had with speakers in the Perspectives missions course. The statistics of the imbalance of resources to the unreached gripped our hearts. Further, conversations we had with speakers like J. Herbert Kane and David Adeny continued to capture our thinking. Finally, David was challenged with a critical opportunity to equip House Church leaders in the persecuted church in Asia and we said, “Yes! We’ll go!”


    One of the greatest highlights has been to see the growth of our recruiting team with the addition of three full-time Campus Mobilizers - Parker and Maggie Rabe and Jordan Placencia. They are incredible young adults with hearts for the lost and hearts to see their generation rise up to take the mantel of future missions endeavors.


    Our major focus this next year is to see the growth of our Apex mission projects. These range from Jr/Sr High youth groups all the way to 1-2 year apprenticeships post college. We also want to see a large expansion to our Campus Mobilizer group - young college grads hitting campuses and recruiting a new generation of “Goers.”


    We will have many plates spinning this year. David will continue to serve on the ReachGlobal Directional Team - the senior leadership team for the mission. Further, he will also lead the Apex Global projects and Campus Mobilizer programs. Pray especially for favor as Dave begins to focus more and more on deepening EFCA ReachGlobal’s relationship with Trinity International University and it’s Divinity School (TEDS).

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