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    HELLO has been working with children and youth in Liberia since 2003 when the civil war ended. Eb and Janelle began humanitarian work by supplying food, clothes, shoes, toys, school materials, computers, etc. to orphanages and internal displacement camps. In 2014, HELLO collected, shipped and distributed more than 44,000 textbooks to more than 27 schools, including colleges, nursing schools and vocational schools. In 2015, in response to the Ebola outbreak, HELLO established a radio station to inform people about healthy living and to advance the word of Christ. In that same year HELLO began supporting an agriculture initiative, which has yielded 20,000 cocoa trees. HELLO also constructed a playground for the children in Zorzor, Lofa county. HELLO’s current project is building an educational resource center. The resource center will be a place where children in the community will get help with their school lessons and be taught Sunday School Bible lessons. HELLO is also partnering with Team Work Africa to train pastors in the resource center.


    Radio Station - AYR 98.9 FM: The radio station needs stable electricity, sponsorship and income to pay staff.

    Educational Resource Center: Needs doors, windows, furniture, laboratory equipment, internet, and computers. Please pray that God will provide these materials and tutors to run the center.

    Agricultural Initiative: As we approach our first harvest in 2018, several issues need to be addressed. We need to hire workers to harvest the cocoa, build a storage facility, and purchase a vehicle to transport the cocoa beans to market. We have bought two cows to raise on the farm and we plan to also raise goats. Please pray that God will make way for the materials and support we need to continue these projects.


    We plan to relocate the playground to the community where we have the educational resource center. Please pray that we can get the resources and manpower needed to relocate the playground.

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