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Brydges Centre

    We were in Kenya serving with Mission: Moving Mountains when we became aware of the difficulties and dangers that street children face every day. At that time in 1995 there were thousands of street children roaming the streets of Kenya, most were orphaned as result of

    AIDS. These children were on our hearts and we wanted to do something to help. Rosemary Wafula who is the founder and Director of the Brydges Centre had started a small drop-in centre in one of Nairobi’s slums to help street children. She named the drop in centre after us because of some things we did in Kenya to help her son. When we saw the potential of helping vulnerable street children by coming alongside Rosemary, we decided to become involved in a real and active way.


    We finished a new dining hall/meeting room to provide more space for dining and meeting. We have a canopied walkway from the new kitchen to the dining hall for the rainy season. We also installed a new solar pump to replace our broken windmill, we are still working on getting a new wind generator to work. The wind generator will run the pump when there is no sun, if there is wind of course and there usually is. We have just started a restaurant at the Brydges Centre in 2018 to help train our Skills Training students and generate some income. So far it is working well.


    We are still hoping to add a new higher and larger water tank to increase water pressure for the compound. We are also hoping and praying for God’s guidance with plans for an on-site guest house.


    Please pray that we will have the strength, energy and wisdom to be a help and a blessing to the staff and children of the Brydges Centre while we are here January thru April 2018.

    Please pray for a successful and problem free trip for the Rockpoint team arriving in March.

    Also pray that we can produce some effective grant requests that will help us fund the finishing of our five acre site.

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