Ready to Know More People?

Welcome to a new way to break bread with people in your church community! People who desire community in their church - much like yourself!

"Six for Supper" is an informal opportunity to connect with a few other people around a table. A chance to get to know a few new names and faces in the crowd.

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After you fill out the simple form, you'll get notified that "your table" has been set! You'll then receive the names and contact information for the people in your group. From there you'll get to take the opportunity to connect, make introductions, and determine where and when the first supper will be!
It may be a 10am brunch on a Saturday, a 12pm lunch on a Sunday, or any night of the week. Your group will have the opportunity to shape the experience. Whether that's in someone's home or at a restaurant or other location. The investment is for each other by each other. The outcome is that you will get to build real relationship with others who call Rockpoint Church home.
This will give you encouragement, purpose, and future investment to the times you'll spend hanging out in the gathering areas after services.
It's an opportunity for you to be known and for you to know others. Imagine all that God can do with these two things.

We'll see you around the table.

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