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Sunday Classes

We offer Sunday classes on a variety of topics. They are designed to positively affect your daily life and walk with God. You can drop-in on any given Sunday, or let us know you're coming!

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SUNDAYS, SEP 8 – MAY 17 | 9:15AM
Acts captures the joys and sorrows in the lives of first-generation Christians for 30 years after Jesus ascended to heaven. It describes the Holy Spirit’s empowering of their intrepid mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the world. Acts can also be called the Acts of the Holy Spirit, as it describes Jesus fulfilling His promise to dwell in the apostles through the Holy Spirit.

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In the Beginning... What?!

How did everything we see get here? What’s the best explanation for what we see around us? How does one’s view of Genesis 1-11 inform how we view the Gospel? Through a video series, this class will focus on the first eleven chapters of Genesis both biblically and scientifically. The class is for middle school students through adults. Taught by Ray Taucher.

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America's Christian History

America is in the throes of an epic culture war. The Church and our Christian principles are under attack as never before. If we are to preserve our nation's heritage of liberty and prosperity, Christians must understand the nature of the battle we are in and how to fight back. That begins with understanding America's true Christian history and how our reliance on God's Word made America great.

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