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Zoom Groups

New in 2021 is a 3-week trial run of a Life Group on the video app Zoom. This option is right for you if you are staying at home or just want to try a Life Group to see what they're about. Pastor Kevin will lead each group and then at the end of the three weeks, you can decide where you want to go from there!

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Why we Gather

At Rockpoint Church, we believe spiritual growth happens best in the context of relationships. That's why we encourage every person who's serious about following Jesus to get involved in a Life Group.

The majority of our groups are sermon-based, discussing the previous weekend's message. There are also interest-based groups that target specific needs and desires.

Bottom line: Life is better together. God often works through our lives in relationships with one another. That’s why we love Life Groups around here.

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What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are usually 12-16 people meeting weekly to connect with one another and grow together using the weekly discussion questions. Most groups gather based on life stage (e.g. Women, Men, Empty Nesters, Married with Kids etc.) and discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday.

How does a Life Group work?

Life Groups meet for two semesters (fall and winter) and gather regularly at someone’s home to study God’s word and build relationships. A trained leader and host lead each group.

How long is the commitment?

Joining a Life Group means a 9-11 week commitment (September-December & January-June). After each semester there is an easy off-ramp to try a new group or start your own!

What about my kids?

Each group handles this differently. Some groups use childcare so the adults can connect during the discussion. Other groups include their children. Your group leader will have ideas and solutions.

What will we study?

Life Groups usually study discussion questions that are based on the sermon’s topic for that week.

How do I choose a group?

We recommend choosing a group based on criteria in this order:

  1. Life stage
  2. Day of the week
  3. Location.

Using the Life Group finder below, you can filter for each of these criteria.

How do I sign up?

Before each semester of Life Groups, we’ll provide opportunities on campus for you to get signed up. Or you can always use this webpage to sign up using the Life Group Finder below.


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