updated: march 26 | 5:45am

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updated: march 17 | 12:26pm

To honor the direction from the White House and the CDC to restrict public gatherings to fewer than 10 people we are suspending all events, classes, and programs at Rockpoint Church through March 31. The recommendations and guidelines are changing daily and we will update you on a regular basis as we continue to assess the situation.

sunday worship

Sunday worship will be livestream-only at 9:15am on YouTube or Facebook. Sermon resources can be found here.

mid-week ministries/events/classes

All of our ministries including Rockpoint Kids and Rockpoint Students will be repurposing and reallocating current resources to offer some ministries online and find various ways to serve each other, especially those who are most isolated and affected by the crisis.

updated: march 16 | 3:34pm

Based on the CDC and MN Health Department recommendations, as of today, March 16, we’ve decided to suspend all events, classes, and programs at Rockpoint Church until further notice. 

More details and a message from Roy are coming!

updated: march 15 | 10:07am
No services at rockpoint on Sunday, march 22 | Livestream only

Our church leadership is meeting Monday, March 16 to discuss and decide on how to this national emergency will affect Rockpoint operations in the coming weeks. Look for updates on this page the afternoon of Monday, March 16 or Tuesday, March 17. We'll also email you this week. 

More good news: we're also going to be live on YouTube!

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updated: march 13 | 7:45pm

There will be no services at the Rockpoint campus on Sunday, March 15.

Join us live on facebook at 9:15am for a full service and sermon from Pastor Roy. We still have the opportunity to gather as one church family to glorify our God who goes before us in these days!

Our teams are working on our plans going forward. The latest updates and cancellation notices for our other ministries/events/programs are forthcoming. These updates will be available at on this page and communicated via social media. 

updated: march 13 | 9:13am

Dear Friends,

Things have been moving rather quickly this week in regards to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Although there is not an immediate threat to the Rockpoint community, the well-being of our faith family is of utmost importance, and we plan to respond accordingly if the situation changes.

  • The church is the PEOPLE, not the place they gather. Our church will continue to be the church, regardless of the format in which we gather, worship, and connect.
  • While we are closely monitoring the CDC, WHO, and local health authorities, we are directly responding to the guidance of our local authorities, the Minnesota Department of Health to best meet the needs of our specific community. We will make whatever necessary changes are required.
  • We are actively creating and pursuing alternative ways to meet, gather, and connect if large group gatherings become an increased risk. We will continue to monitor, make changes, and communicate these developments accordingly. 

We are committed to the health and safety of every person who walks on our campus. While the situation is rapidly evolving, we’ve decided to put a few protective measures in place. Above all, remember God is Sovereign and is aware of all that is taking place. While He has allowed this to take place, He will also use it for His plan and purposes. Let’s continue to pray for healing for those affected, wisdom for government officials, protection for those in the healthcare industry, and knowledge for a vaccine to be discovered soon.

What we are asking you to do:

  • If you have been traveling, please go to for the latest travel advisories or other resources that can help you make a decision regarding your own exposure risk and self-isolation. If your travels included an affected area, officials are recommending self-isolation for 14 days upon your return. 
  • Please do not come to the Rockpoint campus if you have traveled to a CDC (Center for Disease Control) Level 2 or 3 country in the last 14 days. This is to keep the virus from spreading.
  • If you or your children show symptoms of fever, dry cough or sore throat and have recently been overseas or have had contact with a confirmed case, you should self-isolate and seek medical attention. 
  • If you are an older adult and/or have medical complications, you may want to consider staying at home and not attending worship on Sunday or other church activities. 

Our key goals are:

  • To reduce the risk of exposure and transfer of the virus to those most vulnerable, especially in large group and social gatherings
  • To minimize opportunities for people to touch or breathe on food that will then be consumed by others.
  • To reduce physical contact with surfaces that could be touched by large numbers of people (such as keyboards, door and handles, collection plates). 

We are taking the following actions:

  • As of right now, all ministries, events and Sunday gatherings are TAKING PLACE AS PLANNED. (Some events may choose not to meet. This is by the ministry’s own prerogative. Look for those communications to come directly from those leaders).
  • Everyone is encouraged to follow personal hygiene guidelines, including the regular washing of hands, using hand sanitizer if needed, not touching the face and minimizing physical contact. Frequent hand washing with soap and water is best practice. 
  • Starting this Sunday, we will be livestreaming the full Sunday service (not just the sermon) on our facebook page. We are aware this won’t be a perfect sound/video mix.
  • We will not pass the offering plate until further notice. Please plan accordingly by preparing your weekly gift online (Give Now) or drop cash or check into the offering plate at the doors as you leave on Sunday.
  • All Sunday AM food will be plated by a server with gloves and/or tongs.
  • We will encourage everyone when greeting people to refrain from making physical contact as much as possible. This is referred as “social distancing” by the CDC (e.g. refrain from handshakes or other forms of embrace in line with advice from CDC, WHO, MDH).
  • Rockpoint Kids:
    • All kids get “magic soap” and sanitizer as they enter classrooms. We’ll be even more diligent on this and increase regular hand-washing herein. 
    • Every week we take great care to wipe down mouthed toys, surfaces between classes, door handles, etc. We’ll be even more diligent herein.
    • Kids with colds or coughs are asked to stay home. 
    • We will be making adjustments to our games and activities to minimize shared physical contact with objects and each other. 
    • We are always diligent to follow best practices for Childrens Ministry and early childhood programming. A couple reminders:

We don’t want to foster panic and as of this writing, we are not at high risk. However, that could change from day-to-day, so please make sure you are getting updates and are aware of the recommendations by national and state officials. It is important we do our part to ensure our community stays safe and is cared for during this outbreak. 

Above all else, please continue to pray for God’s will and healing mercies for this global pandemic.

Roy Fruits
Senior Pastor

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