Ray & Karen Taucher


    Ray came on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ in the summer of 1980 after having been involved with the ministry as a student at Ohio State University. He met Karen in 1981 in Denver where was serving Cru in the adult ministry. Soon after being married Karen joined her husband on staff in 1982 .


    Ray was able to be a part of
    starting several expansion cities across the U.S. for CRU
    Inner City as well as being involved locally with multiple outreach events into the inner city. Karen was able to help 15 staff report to their assignments overseas as well as bring a number of our staff home to the U.S. after having served internationally


    Ray will be working through and transitioning into several new ministry opportunities including Cru Church Movements and Legacy Engagement Pathway ministry. Karen will continue to help give leadership to the Cru City International HR.


    Pray for Karen that:
    1. She would have God’s wisdom on how to best help new staff prepare for overseas work 2. For her health in this coming year

    Pray for Ray that:
    1. For the transitional ups and downs that will accompany starting up new ministries within Cru 2. Ray would follow the Lord’s leading in the above work
    3. Health

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